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Theme Park Ideas

July 10, 20233 min read

Have you ever been to a theme park with your friends and family? 

What have these places got in common with our business and why should we take notice of how they engage their visitors?

They are primarily there to make money – let’s not be coy about this!

They know that, to make money from the visitors, they have to attract them into the park to begin with and then they need to keep them in there as long as possible by offering all different kinds of experiences. They know if the visitors are spending time with them they are more likely to try more of the different rides. 

This is crucial because we can apply the same way of thinking in our own businesses.

We need to attract new customers and we want them to come into our world.  We want them to stick around and see how we could help them and what would be a great fit for them right now.  However, this will be different for every customer. It all depends on where they are in their own buying journey.

A great theme park will be a slick sales machine. It will offer information for free (leaflets, maps to help you find your way around)
There will be low cost items you can buy such as coffee and other drinks to take away and they will have sit in food places too.  They may have special offers on certain rides. These are all designed to attract customers at different points. When someone is hungry there will be hot dog stands or a restaurant.  When some needs to find the toilets there will be a map on hand.  When someone is ready to try a ride there will be an explanation of who is suitable for the ride.  If someone needs a rest there will be plenty of seating handy.

What do your customer’s need?
What can you help them with? 
How can you deliver what they want right now?

We need to attract our potential customers into our world and then offer them products, services and solutions which meet their current needs. 
They will stay with us if we can show them how good our world is. We don’t want them to go somewhere else because they may not come back into our world if they leave.
If we can help them in some way, when they are ready they are much more likely to upgrade to the big stuff.
It starts with sharing information for free on your social media channels and showcasing your area of expertise. Be visible, be consistent and be engaging.

You need to engage with these potential customers.
Show them how you can help them and show them the sorts of results and outcomes they can obtain by working with you. It’s the start of a relationship with them.  You need to nurture that relationship.

If we can hold their attention and interest and offer them ways to work with us, they will stick around and usually try our other services and upgrade their spend with us as they become used to us and get to know us more. This is the know, like, trust that is so important.

We should be meeting our customers where they are on their journey and helping them so they can stay with us for the ride.

Does this analogy make sense? 

Could you help your customers, no matter where they are on their buying journey?

Could you create an offer that would help them to gain confidence and improve the know, like, trust factor?

I don’t run a theme park but I can help you with all of these, so please send me a message if you’d like to know more. Contact me here.



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